20 Apr 2009

CNMI gambling booth in doubt

2:44 pm on 20 April 2009

Doubts are being raised over plans to run a gambling booth at the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Liberation Day celebrations.

The month-long event to be held in Saipan between June the 5th and July the 5th will commemorate 63 years since the Northern Mariana Islands were set free by armed forces.

The Liberation Day committee spokesman Tony Benavente says it wants to continue the tradition of having a gambling station to generate funds for the community.

But he says last year's gambling booth was shut down within an hour after the Attorney General questioned the legality of it.

"We are applying again and we are still waiting for the Attorney General's approval. The Attorney General knows what the contemplation of the Committee is. So it's only the Attorney General now that has to make that decision whether to allow the Liberation Day Committee to open up this Vegas night."

Tony Benavente says in previous years the gambling stall has proven to be popular.