21 Apr 2009

Fagali'i Airport in Samoa to be finished by June

10:23 am on 21 April 2009

The terminal building for Fagali'i Airport in Samoa is scheduled to be completed in the first half of June.

The Chief Executive Officer of Polynesian Airlines, Taua Li'ali'alefao Fatu Tielu is reported in the Samoa Observer as saying rooms are going in.

To save costs the design of the new terminal is basically the same as the previous one and is placed in the same location where the concrete slab of the old terminal is being used again.

Taua says there will be space for banks and two duty free shops, one for arrivals and one for departing passengers - and for a rental car business.

Polynesian Airlines owns Fagali'i Airport.

It decided last year to re-open the airport, a decision which continues to cause controversy.

It has been argued that safety was the main cause for the airport being closed in the first place in 2005.