21 Apr 2009

Questions raised over proposed reforms in Solomon Islands

10:28 am on 21 April 2009

The former head of the Solomon Islands Development Trust is in support of an initiative to strengthen political stability, but questions proposed reforms.

The Solomon Islands government is working on reforms to weed out political instability that are now open for discussion.

They include electoral changes, strengthening political parties and making sure that MPs can't cross the floor of parliament without support from their electorate.

Dr John Roughan says he believes the problem must be addressed by empowering and educating the public rather than spending more money on political parties.

"The political stability rests more on the people than on political parties. In fact, if the people would be better informed, made more aware of what was happening they would strengthen the parties and that would bring political stability."

Dr John Roughan, former head of the Development Trust in the Solomons.