22 Apr 2009

Fiji NGO calls on UN to pressure Fiji to allow UN mediators into country

7:35 am on 22 April 2009

A call is being made for the United Nations to pressure Fiji's military-led government to allow UN mediators to visit the country.

Yesterday the president of the UN Security Council, Claude Heller, described the deteriorating political situation in Fiji as a step backwards.

Femlink Pacific, a women's community organisation based in Fiji, has been involved in discussions with the United Nations.

The head of the organisation, Sharon Bhagwan Rolls, believes the UN can help bring a speedier return to democracy.

"What we are hoping is that the UN will continue to engage in the dialogue and mediation process to do with Fiji in partnership with the Commonwealth and obviously working through the Pacific Forum."

Sharon Bhagwan Rolls from Femlink Pacific.

A UN envoy was sent to Fiji during the 2000 coup, to help secure the release of hostages.