23 Apr 2009

Fiji sugar cane farmers face increase in cane fertiliser

10:55 am on 23 April 2009

Fiji sugar cane farmers will soon be paying an extra five US dollars per bag of locally blended cane fertiliser sold by South Pacific Fertilizer Limited.

FijiLive is reporting the price increase equated to a 61 percent increase with the price going from eight US dollars and seventy cents per bag to 20 US dollars a bag.

Sugar cane growers will pay five dollars extra while the Interim Government will meet the remaining increase of six dollars thirty.

The increase comes after a Cabinet decision, allowing Government to subsidise a necessary price increase in the cost of fertiliser sold by SPF.

FijiLive reports the Chairman of the Sugar Commission John May hailing the move.

Mr May had made a subsidy submission during a meeting between SPF shareholders and Government two weeks ago.

He says the increase in cost for farmers would be softened by the now devalued Fiji dollar, which he says on current estimates should increase the price of cane for 2009 by around four US dollars per tonne of cane.