24 Apr 2009

Plane birth highlights plight of abortion-seekers in Samoa says New Zealand doctor

1:25 pm on 24 April 2009

A New Zealand pro-abortion group is calling for abortion to be legalised in Samoa before more women have to suffer through unwanted pregnancy.

The president of the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand or Alranz says the recent abandonment of a baby born during a flight from Apia to Auckland highlights the plight of such women.

At present abortion is legal in Samoa if pregnancy threatens the life of the mother.

But Dr Margaret Sparrow says all women have the right to a safe abortion.

"For people with money they can obtain safe services but if women don't have money and there's no safe service available then sadly they resort to either self-abortion or unsafe, illegal abortions or sometimes infanticide and abandoning the baby."

Dr Margaret Sparrow.