27 Apr 2009

No government cases to go before Fiji High Court for another month

5:30 am on 27 April 2009

Fiji's Solicitor General, Christopher Pryde, says there will be no government cases going before the High Court for at least a month.

Mr Pryde is a New Zealand lawyer who decided to take up the position again, after his position was scrapped with the abrogation of the constitution.

He says some cases will no longer be heard in court, as a number of challenges have been outlawed by Presidential


"The existence of the decrees won't be capable of being challenged in the courts, for example the first decree was the abrogation of the constitution and that can't be challenged in court."

Mr Pryde says he took up the position of Solicitor General again as he regards himself as a public servant and distinct from political positions such as the Attorney-General.