27 Apr 2009

National Council of Churches in Samoa says abortion not the answer to unwanted babies

8:06 am on 27 April 2009

The National Council of Churches in Samoa says abortion is not the answer to the problem of unwanted pregnancies.

The comment, from the chairman, Reverend Oka Fau'olo, follows a call for the legalisation of abortion.

A retired doctor in Samoa, Papali'i Dr Viopapa Annandale, says resistance from church organisations to a legislative change is overwhelming.

She says there are many cases of women who become pregnant as result of being raped or sexually abused and she cannot understand why Samoa, as a Christian country, cannot take a more humanistic approach to the issue.

But the Reverend Fau'olo says abortion is taking a life and cannot be condoned.

"In a case of those who were raped I think there are other ways God can provide to look after the unwanted, if you can use that word, it's not a nice word to use, but God can raise some loving hand and loving heart to look after the unwanted baby if it's the result of a rape case but rather than just taking it away, I'm not for it."

Reverend Oka Fau'olo says church members across Samoa share his view that should abortion be legalised, people would simply use it as a chance to make money.