29 Apr 2009

Vanuatu expects to improve malaria treatment

1:55 pm on 29 April 2009

Health authorities in Vanuatu are confident a new anti-malarial treatment soon to be introduced to the nation will be far more effective than previous drugs used to combat the disease.

The treatment is a combination of two new drugs and has been successfully adopted in sub-Sahara African countries and in Asia since 2001.

The manager of the National Malaria Control Programme, George Taleo, says the treatment is expected to eliminate and prevent the spread of the malaria and will be made freely available for anyone affected.

"Anyone who has fever normally would go to any health facility and ask for a blood test. And if found positive, he or she's given treatment on the spot. There's no requirement to fill any form. The person just has to go to the health facility for treatment."

George Taleo says the release of the treatment is part of Vanuatu's anti-malaria project which aims to drastically reduce the cases of malaria in the country in the next six years.