4 May 2009

Transparency International PNG backs calls for new approach to aid distribution

7:22 pm on 4 May 2009

There are calls in Papua New Guinea for improvements to be made in the way the Australian aid agency AusAid's money is distributed.

They come after comments by the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, in a news conference last week, that too much money has been consumed by consultants instead of essential services like health.

Peter Aitsi, the Chairman of Transparency International says he would like to see improvements in the delivery of the funds.

"I agree there needs to be a different approach and the approach needs to specifically involve the government of Papua New Guinea and the government of Australia talking frankly about how best to improve this service delivery system. And it needs the government of Papua New Guinea to provide the political will for our public service to undergo a major, significant reform."

Peter Aitsi says if the PNG government's public service is improved, this will lead to more efficient delivery of its aid services and better outcomes for the people.