5 May 2009

Office of Hawaiian Affairs says bill will protect ceded land

9:08 pm on 5 May 2009

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs says it's satisfied a newly passed bill will protect the sale and transfer of ceded lands.

The bill requires a two-thirds majority by the two houses in the legislature approval process for all sales of public lands, including 'ceded lands'.

The Office of Hawaiin Affairs had initially pushed for a full moratorium on the sale and transfer of ceded lands to a third party.

However, it's director of Communications, Crystal Kua, says the two thirds super-majority vote is a high standard.

"therefore it actually achieves our desired outcome of protecting the ceded lands until claims of the native hawaiians can be resolved. So while it's not what we supported originally, I mean it is a high standard and we believe in essence would help to protect the land from sale or transfer."

Crystal Kua with the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

The proposed legislation for the two thirds majority bill is to be voted on this week.