6 May 2009

Fiji Law Society says lack of judges causes havoc

4:00 pm on 6 May 2009

The President of the Fiji Law Society says the continued delay in appointing a judiciary is causing havoc.

Dorsami Naidu says it appears that those in authority want a compliant judiciary and it will take time to find credible people who will accept appointments under those terms.

He says overseas business people don't want to operate in Fiji now because there is no legal system to fall back on if things go wrong.

"It's very sad what's happening, how it's playing out, the fiasco about the High Court, the Supreme court and the Court of Appeal, because we don't have any judiciary at the moment and this is playing havoc on businessmen here. You know people do not want to trade with people here unless its on a cash basis."

Dorsami Naidu says he understands the interim government will take action against the law society and its members this week, because they are finding lawyers to be a major irritant.

Since the President sacked all judges nearly a month ago, the interim government has repeatedly announced the imminent appointment of judges.