11 May 2009

Retiring workers in Fiji urged not to withdraw lump sums from pension fund

6:12 am on 11 May 2009

The President of the Fiji Retailers Association is encouraging retiring public servants not to withdraw all their savings from the Fiji National Provident Fund.

About 2,000 workers were made forced into retirement at the end of last month after Fiji's military led regime lowered the compulsory retirement age.

The Association's Himmat Lodhia says people should continue with the full pension and ensure they have a constant source of income.

He says with a current interest rate of 16 percent, people can comfortably live on this throughout the course of the year.

"Generally what we have found is that some people opt for a lump sum and blow it off in a year or so, and then within two years they become penniless. We have seen that happening here."