14 May 2009

Air Pacific airline staff accept paycuts

10:27 am on 14 May 2009

All eight-hundred staff of the Air Pacific airline have accepted paycuts for at least three months as part of cost cutting measures.

The Fiji-based airline says it's had a downturn in overall business, whilst air- and cargo fares are at low levels.

The Transport Union's General Secretary, Kamlesh Kumar, says its 500 members have accepted a loss in salary to avoid job losses.

"We have signed an agreement with Air Pacific for a ten percent pay cut for our members. Initially air Pacific had asked for a pay cut for six months but figures the company showed us show that they will be in a difficult cash flow position for three months, and it's for that reason that we have agreed to three months only."

Kamlesh Kumar says the executive management has accepted a 15 percent pay cut, while management, pilots and contracted staff agreed to a ten percent pay cut for six months.