14 May 2009

PNG group opposed to Asian immigrants but vows it is not racist

7:55 pm on 14 May 2009

The organiser of a petition asking Papua New Guinea's government to remove undesirable Asian immigrants from the country denies that is being racist.

The petition, which was organised by the chairman of a group called NGOs and Civil Society Coalition Partners, Noel Anjo, urges Parliament to declare a state of emergency on the influx of Asians into the country.

Mr Anjo says the public is fed up with the Asian dominance of PNG's businesses and jobs which, he says, should be reserved for local people.

He says Asian mafia networks are a growing scourge of PNG society, and that government agencies must take action to stop so many undesirable and often illegal immigrants coming to the country to live.

"We want investors but we don't want robbers. We see the Asians as robbers, not investors. So they don't have any respect for our laws, they don't have any respect for our customs, for our people. They are mafia. We don't need them. So we have given the government as of 2009 to clean up the country and remove unwanted Asians from this country. And as of 2010, the first parliament session, we want a response from our government regarding our position."

Noel Anjo