15 May 2009

Commonwealth Press Union passes resolution deploring Fiji censorship

5:37 pm on 15 May 2009

The Commonwealth Press Union's media freedom committee has passed a resolution deploring the indefinite extension of censorship in Fiji.

The chairman of the committee which represents major media organisations in New Zealand, Tim Pankhurst says they are aware the interim regime in Fiji is unlikely to take notice of the resolution.

But he says the committee felt it was important to condemn the the interim government's actions and to stand with journalists in Fiji who are working under the emergency regulations.

He says its important to raise awareness of New Zealanders to what's happening in Fiji.

"We decided on the motion of deploring because we felt the best role that we can serve right now is to make New Zealanders aware that what's happening continually in Fiji is not some kind of happy little coup in paradise. Real freedoms that we take for granted are being denied and abused there."

Tim Pankhurst says New Zealanders need to consider what's happening in Fiji when they make travel and business decisions.