19 May 2009

Church minister in Fiji says he is likely to be detained again

8:39 am on 19 May 2009

A Methodist Minister in Fiji says its likely he could be detained again, along with other ministers as the government continues to investigate the church.

Reverend Manasa Lasaro was detained and questioned by police for two days about the church's propositions to discuss issues including the legitimacy of the military-led regime at its annual conference in August.

The Fiji government has confirmed Reverend Lasaro is under investigation and says it will defer the conference indefinitely if security forces suspect any motive to cause instability.

But Reverend Lasaro says the church will not be deterred from discussing the propositions.

"This is the same stand we made since the military junta took power in 2006. That's why we are pressing on that election must come, is the way in which we can judge a good government."

Reverend Lasaro says he expects the police will question other ministers about how they have handled the propositions.