21 May 2009

President of Fiji's Law Society concerned police will access information on computers

10:38 am on 21 May 2009

The President of the Fiji Law Society says three lawyers and their computers have been taken in to custody by police in Suva.

Dorsami Naidu says the search warrants police used to seize the computers of lawyers Jon Apted, Richard Naidu and Tevita Fa suggests they are suspected of involvement with a blog site.

He says the computers have been seized under the emergency regulations and he's concerned the police will have access to information about the lawyer's clients.

"I think this is wrong but its to be expected in a military ruled state, at the moment we are under the military-ruled state. They've put into effect the emergency decree and they've also brought in censorship rules which stop any form of discussion."

Dorsami Naidu says to his knowledge lawyers in Fiji have not written on blog sites.