21 May 2009

Amnesty launched campaign to highlight poverty and abuse

3:31 pm on 21 May 2009

Amnesty International in New Zealand is launching a new media campaign to highlight poverty and human rights issues internationally and in the Pacific.

Its Deputy Director Rebecca Emery says its Demand Dignity campaign is aimed at highlighting human rights abuses.

She says Amnesty has condemned the Fiji military regime for violating human rights.

She says Pacific countries have the lowest sign up to international human rights treaties in the world, so setting up a media network and strategy to highlight people's struggles is a step forward.

"We hope the media network will help us to access journalists who can also help us because we know there's a lot of journalists out there who want to know more. We can give journalists an awful lot of information about country reports and most up to date information on international crisis which is happening that's factual and from the ground."

Rebecca Emery says Amnesty can highlight a range of issues such as poor health practices and slum housing.