21 May 2009

Ousted Fiji minister says pressure needed to bring about dialogue

2:32 pm on 21 May 2009

A member of Fiji's ousted SDL government says applying more international and domestic pressure on the Fiji military government is the best way of forcing it to seek dialogue over the current crisis.

Ted Young is in Canberra for the Centre For Democratic Institutions' annual discourse on political parties in democracies.

Mr Young says the current emergency regulations in Fiji make it difficult for the SDL to function as a party.

But he says he has no confidence in the interim regime making serious attempts at starting dialogue with political stakeholders any time soon.

"The only way of neutralising, forcing the regime to come to dialogue and to find a way out of the crisis is to apply sustained pressure on them both from within and outside the country so that the pressure will make them have no other choice but to seek dialogue."

Ted Young