22 May 2009

Pacific players to be considered for expanded super 14 competition

6:41 am on 22 May 2009

The New Zealand Rugby Union Players Association Chief Executive Rob Nicol says allowing overseas players into the new expanded Super 14 competition to 15 teams will benefit pacific players and the game.

From 2011 the super 14 competition will have 15 teams which will probably be based in Australia.

Nicol says Kiwi rugby league side became world champions thanks in part to the experienced NRL players who play jin Australia.

"If we can do that Samoa. Fiji and Tonga and the likes that would be something that we would very much like to see and encourage and the oppoprtunity for their players to develop within the super 14 teams and then for those countries to be able to select those players and compete on the world stage which is very really important for world rugby"

The Australian Rugby Union has also vowed to help pacific players into the new expanded competition