22 May 2009

Samoa says no downturn in tourist numbers despite the global recession

1:33 pm on 22 May 2009

Samoa's acting Prime Minister, Misa Telefoni, is backing the view of Samoa Hotel Association CEO, Nynette Sass, that the global recession has not had any impact on the number of tourists visiting Samoa.

Misa also says the recent launch of Survivor Samoa is a major boost for the country.

He estimates that Survivor's value in marketing Samoa is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and he says the series has already created a positive cash flow into hotels, rental cars, restaurants, telecommunications, and created many new employment opportunities.

Meanwhile Mrs Sass says Samoa needs more top end accommodation.

She says at the moment there's just Aggie Grey's Hotel in Apia but the takeover of Hotel Kitano Samoa by the Reddy Group of Fiji should help create more top level facilities.

Mrs Sass also says the country needs to build more facilities in order to attract really big conferences.