25 May 2009

Samoa's Telecommunication Tribunal allows appeal against interconnection rates

8:39 am on 25 May 2009

Samoa's only Telecommunication company, Samoa-Tel, has won its appeal in the Telecommunication Tribunal against the interconnection rates set by the government's regulator between the Gomobile phone service, which is owned by the company, and its only mobile phone competitor Digicel.

The Tribunal which was presided by the chief justice, Patu Tiava'asu'e Falefatu Sapolu, and two overseas telecommunication experts has ordered a review of the current rates between the two mobile phone companies.

The decision has come after a price war advertising campaign

between the two rivals that caused some confusion to many local mobile phone customers.

The appeal by Samoa-Tel was the first matter heard in the Telecommunication Tribunal set under the main Telecommunication Act and endorsed by parliament last year.