27 May 2009

Fiji lawyer Fa undeterred by regime antics

2:32 pm on 27 May 2009

The lawyer for Fiji's ousted Prime Minister says his detention by police will not deter him from speaking out or doing his job.

Tevita Fa, a lawyer for Laisenia Qarase, was one of four lawyers taken in to a Suva police station for several hours last week.

Mr Fa says his computer was also seized as he was suspected of involvement with blogging, which he denies.

He says he was not concerned that the police may have seen Mr Qarase's file in his computer as everything about him has already been filed in the high court.

Mr Fa says he is not worried about being detained again.

"The worst thing that could happen is for them to kill us but they are bloody frightened to go that far. They'll take us up for interview, they'll probably give us a few hidings here and there, but I don't think they can take it any further."

Tevita Fa says lawyers will have little choice but to apply for practising certificates under the new Legal Practitioners decree because without it they have no livelihood.