27 May 2009

New Fiji judges accused of treason for accepting military order

3:50 pm on 27 May 2009

The lawyer for Fiji's ousted Prime Minister says judges who take up appointments under the interim government are committing treason.

Last week the first judges were appointed since the judiciary was sacked and the constitution abrogated on April the 10th.

Tevita Fa, the lawyer for Laisenia Qarase, says the appointment of judges and reopening of the courts is good as there is a need to move on.

He says many cases have been held up and as a lawyer he has had to send people away until judges were appointed.

But he is critical of those who agree to take up judicial appointments under the military-led regime.

"These people who take up appointments they are guilty of treason, full stop you know. You can take it which ever way you want to take it but as far as I'm concerned those people who accept this order are committing the crime of treason."

Fiji lawyer Tevita Fa