1 Jun 2009

Australian's case in Papua to be fast tracked in Indonesian court system

10:31 am on 1 June 2009

Indonesia's Supreme Court will fast-track the appeal that will decide the fate of five Australians detained in Papua for more than eight months for visa violations.

The Age newspaper says the judge overseeing the case revealed the information.

And separately, the court has assured the lawyers for the five North Queensland residents that its deliberations will ignore submissions from prosecutors highlighting Australia's policy of burning Indonesian fishing boats.

William Scott-Bloxam, his wife and their three friends have been placed under arrest, found guilty and sentenced to two to three years in prison, freed and told to go home, and then placed under city detention.

They are currently awaiting a final appeal by prosecutors, who want their prison terms reinstated for the offence of flying a light plane to Merauke for a sightseeing trip without the proper paperwork.

A verdict is on this latest court action is expected next month.

The Age reported earlier that the prosecutor's submission to the Supreme Court slammed Australia's treatment of Indonesian fisherman who breached its territorial waters.