2 Jun 2009

Solomons' provincial governor castigates Honiara for ignoring plight of smaller regions

11:15 am on 2 June 2009

The Solomon's Government has again been accused of ignoring smaller provinces while focussing on the bigger regions.

The Premier of Central province, Patrick Vasuni, raised the issue when the Governor General, Sir Nathaniel Waena, visited the provincial centre, Tulagi.

Mr Vasuni told the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation that many of the province's requests in terms of infrastructure, transport, health and medical services have been ignored by Honiara.

Mr Vasuni says the national government should treat all provinces equally, based on their requirements.

He also highlighted the need for the national government to take a special interest in environmental issues in the province.

Mr Vasuni said Savo volcano poses a threat to its inhabitants, while sea level rise is having a negative impact on some of the islands in the Gela and Russell groups.