3 Jun 2009

Fiji Law Society labels Chief Registrar's actions disgraceful

3:24 pm on 3 June 2009

The Fiji Law Society has written to the Chief Registrar to complain about what it says was the disgraceful and unprofessional manner in which files were removed from its office.

The Society's council has completed an investigation into the incident on May the 23rd.

Its found that the Chief Registrar Ana Rokomokoti demanded the Society's secretary hand over unresolved complaint files and threatened her with arrest if she did not comply.

The President of the Fiji Law Society Dorsami Naidu says they would have willingly handed over the files if they had been requested appropriately under the new presidential decree.

But instead they were forcibly taken without any inventory being made.

"We wanted to be on record as to what has happened because we do not have any objection to the complaints being now handled by the Chief Registrar. But the way they acted in appropriating the files from the Law Society offices was uncalled for."

Dorsami Naidu says the incident has left a bitter taste.