8 Jun 2009

Incoming Cook Islands police commissioner says funding a key focus

11:00 am on 8 June 2009

The incoming Cook Islands police commissioner says maintaining adequate funding for the police will be a key focus during his time in the job.

Maara Tetava, who has been the deputy commissioner for the past eight years and a Cook islands police officer for 24, formally assumes the position of commissioner on June the 18th.

In recent months, the outgoing expatriate commissioner, Patrick Tasker, admitted difficulties in dealing with Treasury over police funding.

Mr Tetava says police funding is adequate at the moment but he will be working closely with the Financial Secretary to safeguard a good funding flow.

"It is one of the key focusses for me. It is important that I maintain a good relationship with the ministry of finance as wel as any othre ministries or stakeholders with any involvement with policing."

Maara Tetava of the Cook Islands police