10 Jun 2009

Fiji's NFP leader fears emergency rules will remain indefinitely

4:48 pm on 10 June 2009

A political and union leader in Fiji says it appears the interim government intends to extend the public emergency regulations indefinitely.

The government has announced that the regulations, which were introduced on April the 10th, are to be extended for another month.

It says they are needed because of the security situation in the country.

But Pramod Rae, the general secretary of the National Federation Party and of the Bank and Finance Sector Employees Union, says it suits the regime to keep the regulations in place for a long time.

"They gain a lot of comfort from it. They are able to operate without scrutiny and operate in an environment where they keep the people afraid. And that appears, well it usually does for dictators, that's how they operate dictatorships. So they have created an artificial environment where they obviously feel secure and will continue that."

Pramod Rae says there is no real threat to security to justify the regulations.