13 Jun 2009

Fiji's Chief Registrar to get a new special unit to investigate cases against lawyers

9:35 am on 13 June 2009

A special unit within the office of Fiji's Chief Registrar will be set up to investigate 283 pending cases against lawyers.

This follows the downgrading of the Fiji Law Society to a voluntary body with the issuance of the Legal Practitioners Decree.

The acting Chief Registrar, Ana Rokomokoti, says her office receives five complaints per day on average against lawyers.

She told FijiLive that some of the complaints lodged against lawyers dates back to 2000.

The complaints against lawyers include allegations of malpractice, misconduct, deliberate attempts to delay cases, trust fund account violations, incompetence, negligence, discrepancies over charges to clients, a failure to follow a client's instructions and failure to communicate with clients.