23 Jun 2009

Women's group joins Marshalls HIV campaign

11:53 am on 23 June 2009

The Marshall Islands NGO, Women United Together, is partnering with the Ministry of Health to raise HIV awareness throughout the country.

A recently released report by the ministry says young people in the country are at greater risk of contracting HIV as a result of high rates of sexually transmitted infections, low condom usage and lack of safe sex practices.

The Executive Director of Women United Together, Daisy Alik Momotaro, says both parties have realised the need for collaboration to tackle HIV as the topic is culturally sensitive.

"Talking about sex and all this is not easy. Something we never talked about in public and even in sex education. We have to find ways that will be to get the message out."

Daisy Alik Momotea says the key message to the wider community is to understand the consequences that stem from unsafe sex.