23 Jun 2009

Restrictions emerge on Pacific Youth Festival in Fiji

9:08 pm on 23 June 2009

Organisers of the Pacific Youth Festival being held next month in Fiji will know later this week who has been barred from attending.

A security sub committee made up of defence and police personel has insisted on complete details of all the speakers, facilitators and presenters.

The Chair of the Pacific Youth Council, Jacque Koroi, who chairs the group responsible for the Festival's programme, says the political climate is affecting the atmosphere surrounding the Youth Festival.

But she says those involved in organising the event have varied responses to this vetting procedure:

"We have those who are understanding of the situation because of the current public emergency regulations in place, and there are those who are not in agreement because the specific purpose of having a regional gathering where everyone is allowed to speak openly and freely about , especially young people, about issues that affect us."

It has now been confirmed that all speeches at the Festival must first be vetted by Fiji's Ministry of Information.