24 Jun 2009

Palauans in the dark over Guanatanamo detainees it may take at US's request - Palau senator

4:10 pm on 24 June 2009

Palau Senator, Tommy Remengesau, says a committee should be established to brief the community of the government's decision to accept detainees from Guantanamo Bay.

Palau has tentatively agreed to a United States request to temporarily resettle Chinese Muslim Uighurs.

But Senator Remengesau says the people of Palau are not fully informed and this issue is too important.

He says that the Palau Congress has to be fully briefed on the matter too.

The former president also says other senators share his view of the need for a full briefing.

He says the social, economic and political impacts of allowing the detainees into Palau must be fully researched.

He says there's also a security concern since China has protested the move.

President Toribiong has said that a briefing has been conducted among the Congress's leadership.

He says once the Palau delegates who have flown to Guantanamo Bay return, there will be a public briefing.