26 Jun 2009

Breathalyzer law in Samoa now imminent

12:53 pm on 26 June 2009

Legislation allowing Samoa's police officers to issue instant fines for minor traffic offences is expected to coincide with a soon to be passed law on allowing police officers to use breathalyzer devices during normal traffic duties.

Both have been approved by Parliament and may be passed as law as early as this afternoon.

The Prime Minister Tuila'epa Sa'ilele says allowing police to breath test suspected drink drivers and issuing instant fines will make the roads safer for everyone.

"It is going to be a great help in preventing minor traffic offences and helps to relieve the court of a lot of these mini offences which can be immediately dealt with in exactly the same way as in New Zealand."

Tuila'epa Sa'ilele says once this and the breathalyzer law are implemented, they will serve as a key precursor to the switch in the driving side which comes into effect in September.