26 Jun 2009

Cook Islands health secretary says direct tangible benefits from health conferences

2:50 pm on 26 June 2009

The Cook Islands health secretary expects next week's combined gathering of health professionals from around the Pacific to raise the standard of care Cook Islanders receive.

This year, the 12th Cook Islands Health Conference is being held in conjunction with those of the Pasifika Medical Association and the Cook Islands Health Network.

Key discussion areas are mental health, traditional medicine, research and the development of health systems.

Dr Roro Daniel says although it's unlikely there'll be more funding for health following the conference, he expects the information imparted to help health professionals, particularly in the outer islands, do a better job.

"A lot of the information that we will be getting will be very very recent so it will be a really good opportunity for our staff to hear this from the people who know best."

Dr Roro Daniel says the trauma courses that have always run at the Cook Islands Health Conference will continue as they benefit young people as well as emergency services staff.