27 Jun 2009

Former Moruroa workers fail in nuclear testing compensation bids

11:20 am on 27 June 2009

French Polynesians who have had their claims for compensation for the effects of nuclear testing rejected say they won't give up their bids for redress.

France carried out many nuclear tests in French Polynesia from 1960 until 1996, and its government has said it will compensate the victims.

But campaigner, John Doom, says eight people who took their cases to French Polynesia's industrial relations tribunal were unsuccessful.

He says the three surviving workers have leukaemia, and they and the five widows will consult with lawyers over how to continue with their bids.

"We will not give up anyhow, we will continue this fight and represent again the three who were not accepted, and these three have leukaemia."

John Doom of the French nuclear weapons test veterans group, Moruroa E Tatou.