29 Jun 2009

Union leaders in New Caledonia jailed for a year for airport invasion

7:49 pm on 29 June 2009

A court in New Caledonia has sentenced the USTKE union leader, Gerard Jodar, to one year in prison following a strike at the capital's domestic airport last month.

Several other union members have also received prison terms.

During a strike at the local airline Air Caledonie, the union attempted to seize the airport, leaving domestic aviation in disarray for several days.

Our correspondent in Noumea, Claudine Wery, says Jodar is now in prison in Noumea.

"The main offence was hindrance to the circulation of an airplane. Mr Safoka, who works closely with Mr Jodar, has also been condemned to one year in jail. Two other union activists were given ten months of jail, another one six months, another one four months, and 18 union activists have also been condemned to four suspended months of prison."

DUR: 28

Claudine Wery