1 Jul 2009

Police in West Papua have reportedly shot one man dead

11:09 am on 1 July 2009

Police in Indonesia's West Papua province have reportedly shot one man dead and injured three others in an incident in Enarotali near Nabire town.

Paula Makabori of the human rights organisation ELSHAM, says that officers from the Brimob 'anti-riot' branch of the National Police, shot at members of the Boma clan as they made their way to conduct a reconciliation ceremony with the Begay clan.

She says that the Boma family members were dressed in traditional garb, bearing spears and arrows when Brimob officers opened fire on them near the police headquarters.

A forty year old man from the Boma clan was killed and three of his relatives hospitalised in Nabire.

A Brimob officer was also injured in the ensuing clash.