3 Jul 2009

CNMI representative happy with federal assistance for education

7:59 am on 3 July 2009

The Representative for the Northern Marianas Gregorio Kilili Sablan says he's happy to have helped secure much needed federal assistance for education in the Commonwealth.

The CNMI's Public School System intends to use 12 million US dollars of these funds for the repair renovation and modernization of the 20 public schools and 8-point-7 million dollars to hire more teaching staff.

He says the 44 million US dollar funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has been approved and the money should start coming through by the end of July.

"Congress made that money available to help out community jurisdictions during these hard economic times and public school systems will use some of the money for school repairs, they will use some of the money to hire or keep teachers they'd have otherwise let go and provide jobs and also improve our educational system here on island."

Representative Gregorio Kilili Sablan says in addition the CNMI can get up to 28 million dollars for alternative energy projects in schools.