7 Jul 2009

New bank branch opens in Nukualofa

8:03 am on 7 July 2009

Tonga's Chamber of Commerce says the opening of the new ANZ bank branch in Nukualofa is a major boost to business and investor confidence.

Chamber President Paul Taumoepeau says that its also great to see other buildings under construction after much of the central business district was destroyed in the November 16 riot in 2006.

Despite many delays to rebuilding and the state of emergency law still being in place, he says the bank's reopening is a positive sign of renewed confidence.

"So it's just really good for business to see a very nice building go up in the middle of town. It's one of the first buildings to be rebuilt, so its a sign of confidence on the landowners' part and also on ANZ's part that they think that business in Tonga deserves a new flagship branch like this branch is, it's a really nice branch."

Paul Taumoepeau says work on rebuilding a cinema in the capital also looks set to get underway shortly.