14 Jul 2009

West Papua Representative Office says OPM rebels unlikely to be behind shootings

10:55 am on 14 July 2009

The Vanuatu-based West Papua Representative Office says the separatist OPM rebels are unlikely to have been behind the recent fatal shootings in the Indonesian province.

Three people, including a foreigner, have died as a result of firearm attacks near the Freeport mine.

The Indonesian security forces say they believe rebels were responsible for the killings, a claim denied by OPM's exiled leadership.

A spokesman for the West Papua Representative Office, Andy Ayamiseba, says the OPM couldn't have launched the attacks.

"The Indonesian police themselves has declared that the bullet comes from the military machine gun, everyone knows that the OPM hasn't got the logistical op to op that standard, the only possibilities are the militia."