14 Jul 2009

Taxi drivers in Fiji's Northern Division being urged to install taxi meters

11:26 am on 14 July 2009

Taxi drivers in the Northern Division in Fiji are being urged to install taxi meters by the consumer advocacy organisation.

The Fiji Times reports the Consumer Council of Fiji saying the Fiji Taxi Union should take heed of the LTA's instruction to install taxi metres in the division by the end of July.

This follows the union's comments that its members were struggling to make 70 Fiji dollars-a-week and having metres would reduce their incomes.

The paper quotes council saying it is now obvious that taxis in the north have been unscrupulously making money without meters because a metering system would decrease fares to the LTA's regulated rates.

The council says consumers have been paying more without the meters which it believes is unfair and unjust.