14 Jul 2009

Academic worried about future of Fiji's pension fund

8:32 pm on 14 July 2009

An academic in Fiji has raised serious concern over the future of the country's pension fund.

Workers are currently contributing 16 percent of their income to the fund.

But the University of the South Pacific's Dr Wadan Narsey says people with no accountability are making decisions on the fund without reference to its owners, the workers.

"The board members of this pension fund are being changed willy nilly by the military government. They're in the process of putting in on the board people who're going to be more amenable to what the military government wants in terms of where this pension fund will end to, who'll end to and how much it'll end to and there's no accountability in this whole country."

Wadan Narsey says people should challenge the regime on the spending of their money.