14 Jul 2009

Fiji Methodist Church fails to get conference ban overturned

8:29 pm on 14 July 2009

A meeting between the President of Fiji's Methodist Church and the interim Prime Minister has failed to overturn a decision to ban this year's church Conference.

The talks were organised as a last attempt to persuade the Commodore Bainimarama to change his mind.

But the Church's General Secretary, the Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu, says there was no movement from the interim Prime Minister:

"He did not allow conference to take place as well as the singing festival, the choir festival, as well as other meetings like the standing committee meeting, the annual meeting, the quarterly meeting, the leaders meeting and other meetings which should take place in the circuit arena, they should all have to have permits."

Permit applications can only be made to the Commissioner of Police and the Reverend Waqairatu says a letter has already been sent to request a permit for a meeting this Friday.

The church also says it will now inform members that the annual meeting is banned.

Other denominations, including the recently created New Methodist Church, will be allowed to hold conferences in August.