17 Jul 2009

Samoa clears lesbian movie for viewing

5:49 pm on 17 July 2009

Cinema operators in Samoa say the censor has unexpectedly approved a movie about lesbian vampires.

The censor has traditionally rejected any movie with a gay theme, earlier this year barring Milk about homosexual American activist Harvey Milk who fought for gay rights.

But the principal censor Leiataua Niuapu Faaui has given the go ahead to Lesbian Vampire Killers, a British film about people who kill gay vampires.

The censor is justifying the decision by saying the movie is not necessarily about lesbians.

He told the Samoa Observer newspaper the movie is about a legend and all the vampires are female.

He also regarded the sex scenes as not to be explicit and added that according to his conscience, the film is suitable for people 21 years and over.

The censor previously banned the film The Da Vinci Code, but not the book, on which the film was based.