20 Jul 2009

Court in Samoa prohibits church excessive worship noise

9:08 am on 20 July 2009

The Supreme Court in Samoa has issued an injunction prohibiting the Worship Center Church from making further excessive noise.

The order was made in respect of its next door neighbor, the Hotel Millennia, who took the excessive noise dispute to court after several complaints from hotel guests.

The court has ordered the church to abide by the government's Planning and Urban Management Agency required legislated noise limit in times of their services three times a week including Sundays.

The injunction has also limited the end time for Friday services to 10 at night instead of 11.

But founder and leader of the Worship Center church, Pastor Viliame Mafo'e, who was the second defendant in the case, says the set time for Friday's youth service will be challenged again in court.

However he accepts the ruling despite raising disappointment over the investigation which he described as one sided in favor of the plaintiff without contacting him or his church officials.

The church after the ruling moved its marquee or main tent for services to the front of the government building for the continuation of its biannual conference which will close tonight.