22 Jul 2009

French Polynesia's Gaston Flosse doubles his life insurance coverage

11:32 am on 22 July 2009

French Polynesia's veteran politician, Gaston Flosse, says he has doubled his life insurance coverage, a day after his Paris residence was ransacked while he was asleep.

Mr Flosse, who is 78, has told a Tahiti blogsite that one never knows.

This comes only hours before the French senate is due to decide whether to approve a request by the justice ministry to lift his immunity as French senator which would pave the way for him to be questioned in connection with an alleged corruption case in Tahiti.

Giving further details about the break-in, Mr Flosse says those who entered his home also searched his wine cellar but didn't take anything.

He was reportedly told by police that the nature of the break-in was unprecedented in the neighbourhood.

According to the report, no fingerprints were found at the scene.