22 Jul 2009

French Polynesian OPT bail application awaits French senate move

1:03 pm on 22 July 2009

The French Polynesian judges investigating alleged corruption in the so-called OPT affair have heard another bail request by two men jailed for two months as part of the investigation.

The two include the French advertising executive, Hubert Haddad, who is accused of paying nearly two million US dollars in kickbacks to the French Polynesian politician, Gaston Flosse, for getting public sector contracts.

Mr Haddad's lawyer has told RFO radio that his client, presumed innocent, is incarcerated in conditions that can be found in the Philippines and in Africa.

A decision on the two men's possible release is expected before the end of the week and is reportedly dependent on the French senate ruling on whether to strip Mr Flosse of his immunity as French senator.

The senate ruling is imminent.

Meanwhile, several women members of his party are reported to be remain on a fast until he returns to Tahiti this week.