22 Jul 2009

Broadcasting conference in Fiji attended by two local broadcasters

7:17 pm on 22 July 2009

Two Fiji broadcasting companies decided to attend an international broadcasting conference in the country's tourist town, Nadi, despite emergency regulations restricting free speech.

The Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development meeting is being supported by the Fiji information ministry which administers the regime's censorship.

The conference aims to address a range of issues, including HIV/AIDS, climate change and media development.

Ken Clark, the head of Fiji Television Limited took part saying it's an important event, where participants could discuss the current censorship issues.

"Views on the issue were expressed both from the media side and from the present government side. The media people agree that this is not a healthy situation when it comes to reporting to the community. But the prime minister in his speech made it clear they think this is necessary in order for them to accomplish what they want to accomplish."

Also attending is the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation's head, Riyaz Sayed Khaiyum, who agrees that all subject matters were open for discussion.

The head of Communications Fiji Limited William Parkinson is not attending.